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Letter from the president


Dear friend,

VONSELMA Group has been developing, for more than a decade, a strategy based mainly on the diversification of its training services:

Through VONSELMA Education, the University Institute of Leadership and High Government, we offer specialized training for Policymakers and Executives.

With VONSELMA International we provide strategic consulting services to respond to problems and situations that may arise in the public world and in the private sphere.

Finally VONSELMA Enterprise operates in the internationalization service of local companies in international countries.

VONSELMA Group is an increasingly global company. We have taken advantage of this last decade to continue our expansion to countries-markets with high growth potential, such as Morocco, Guinea, Angola and Latin America, which already provide us with more than 60% of our annual gross profit from each and every one of our lines of deal.

On the other hand, in all our specialization sectors, both in the political sector, in the area of ​​strategic and business consulting, as well as in the field of internationalization of companies, we are heading towards emerging markets. We understand that society, lifestyles and social habits are changing at great speed and that is why we offer training in accordance with these changes, in which the adaptation of the student to the professional environment is the hallmark of our corporation. Thus, VONSELMA Education, the University Institute of Leadership and High Government, dedicated to the training of leaders, both political and business, achieves this integrating role among highly qualified professionals and changing environments in which specialized training is required.

The new consulting models are not enough to satisfy the needs of our clients. VONSELMA Group has been able to anticipate and evolve, offering our customers new formulas, no doubt simpler and more efficient, which they can access in real time, anytime, anywhere.

All this using the most advanced technology as a differentiating strategic element from our competitors.

In VONSELMA Group we work for a better future for citizens, for our customers, our workers and society as a whole. Our human capital has a corporate culture based on the principles of honesty, professionalism, transparency, capacity and excellence, which are the key that has allowed us to create a solid business model, with constant growth capacity and always focused on the client.

I invite you to browse our corporate websites, without a doubt, the best showcase to know in detail who we are and how we work.

Welcome to VONSELMA Group.


Fernando Herrero-Nieto